On the author's blog site, you can learn a lot more about the artifacts that bind the Journey together. The author has created a Dictionary and an Encyclopedia that may interest you.

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An ancient box known as the Cubit changes people into the darkest parts of their own humanity. It is now in the possession of a mysterious Evil that hides in plain sight, and is using the Cubit and a nanotech experiment to take control of the world on December 21, 2012. Only the Daykeepers and the daggers can prevent it, and only the innocent can be Daykeepers.

Now in One Thrilling Volume, Journey of the Daggers is the complete work of The 2012 Trilogy, and includes the previously published The Cubit, The Djed, and 0-Time: PUSH*.

A decade in the making, this international adventure will keep you turning pages far past your bedtime.
     The Complete Trilogy The Cubit The Djed 0-Time

|   ISBN: 978-0-9825129-7-5   |   Published by P.T. William Publishing Co |
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